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My name is Tim Kohberger and I run KOBO Productions. This page is just for fun, and to let you know what else I do in my life. It consists mostly of images, so it may take a while to download.

Besides providing the community with the KOBO Production computer services, I spend a good portion of my time searching for great outdoor places to camp, climb, fish, or lounge. I also like to shoot video, which may someday be broadcast on some community access channel so keep your eyes open.

During one of my more recent explorations I happened to get about 15 minutes of video of a cougar taking down a deer. This was pretty exciting, and I ended up walking around my camp site with a kitchen knife for the rest of the night. I'm sure glad the cat got the deer, because I was only about 40 feet from the excitement.

Cougar with deer

This all occurred inland from the coast along one of the local rivers.

Close River view

Or a more distant shot of the river.

River view

I got to see something I had never seen before near Horse Mountain. It was incredible...

Bear Grass

These flowers were everywhere along the road. I need to investigate in more depth, but so far I have found out that it is Bear Grass. The flowers are covered with yellow pollen and have a strong distinct scent. Definitely not for someone with allergies!!

This year I was in Arcata for the Kinetic Sculpture race and took about four rolls of photos. Here are a couple of the machines that participated. I think the dragon was Duane Flatmo's creation and the one on the right came down from Oregon for test runs. All-in-all the race was a blast.

Kinetic sculpture

There has been good luck over on the rivers due to the protection of the 'Conquistador', which has helped locate some neat new spots this year. Here it is guarding someones Bud, and it worked because they were there in the morning!

River view

I have spent some other time over at the farm with friends Michael and Nuu. I even got to enjoy some of that pig in the photo below.

Pig picture

The maiden voyage for the "Church on the Edge" happened at this years jet boat racing on the Klamath and Rouge rivers. The race boats approach 100 mph and can be heard at least 0.25 miles downstream. They were unbelievable!

Jet boat title

Not everyone makes it through the course. In fact only a handful of boats out of about 35 finished the Klamath run. The poor folks here had their jet pointing the wrong way when they landed!

Jet boats do crash

The boat in the foreground below is the one we were on. First time out on the river.

Lunch for the crew

Here is the crew during a lunch break.

Lunch for the crew

These boats are great. At one point we were travelling at about 40 mph over 10 inches of water. Just don't stop!

Well, that's about it for now folks. I'll be updating this with new material on a very irregular basis, when and if I find the time.

At the summit!

See you at the summit!


This page produced at KOBO Productions, copyright 1996