ATTO Technologies- The maker of SCSI and PCI bus accelerators.
Truevision- The maker of full screen, full motion video cature hardware.
Sony Corp- A maker of leading consumer electronics
Seagate - hard drives
Yamaha Elctronics
Quantum - hard drives
Hewlett-Packard - Printers, scanners, etc
Newer Technologies
Markertek - video supplies
IBM - hard drives
UMAX - scanners, etc
SuperMac Computers - Macintosh clones
Syquest - removable media drives
Iomega - removable media drives
Apple Computer - The mother ship...
Agfa - digital imaging
Radius - monitors
Global Village - modems
La Cie - hard drives, monitors, removable media
Newer Technologies - memory, processor upgrade cards
U.S. Robotics - modems


Equilibrium- The maker of DeBabelizer
Charismac- The makers of the harddrive driver software Anubis and CD writing software Discribe.
Adobe Corp- The makers of Photoshop, Illustrator, and everything that everyone has.
Symantec - Norton utilities
Aladdin Systems - StuffIt, etc
Microsoft - Excel, Word, Powerpoint, etc


The Mac Marines! - A site dedicatd to the furtherment of of the Macintosh OS, plus all sorts of other stuff.
QuickTime- An Apple site dedicated to the QuickTime technology.
Macworld magazine home page

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